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It’s time to fall in love with your home again! You may be spending a lot more time at home due to COVID-19, so why not make it quality time that makes your space feel cozy, comfortable, and peaceful?

Here are 10 steps to refresh and renew what “home” is for you.

  1. Choose 10 things (or more!) to donate, recycle, or repurpose. Take a slow walk through your home and identify items you haven’t interacted with recently, have continually moved to different piles, or have completely forgotten about—and then find an earth-friendly way of disposing of them. Your space will quickly open up, feel less cluttered and allow you to access items you truly love and regularly use. If you’re up for a deeper de-clutter, do this exercise several times over a week.
  2. Deep clean a room. You might have guessed this was next after decluttering! Don’t think of this as a huge burden; think of it as a chance to reacquaint yourself with a space. You’ll be surprised how satisfying the glow of a deeply cleaned room can be! So, grab a rag and mop the floors, clean baseboards, door jambs, door handles, and light switches; dust ceiling fans, window treatments, and shelves; polish furniture; wash rugs, carpeting, and windows; and maybe even do some touch-up painting.
    Multiple studies have shown that a clear, clean, organized room creates feelings of satisfaction, calm, and restfulness. A dusty, cluttered space with unfinished projects can lead to depression, fatigue, and sneezing!
  3. Rearrange furniture. If you’ve got time on your hands to experiment with a new layout, go for it! Move big pieces of furniture and lighting, swap rugs between rooms—rearranging a space can make everything look new and fresh. Who knows, maybe a new layout will change how you use a space—for the better!
  4. Rotate trinkets. Moving, mixing, and matching decorative items can change the palette of a room. Perhaps as part of your decluttering, put some accessories away to rotate out later.
  5. Put a collection on display in a new way. Have a collection of something that’s stored away or tucked in a room that hardly anyone ever sees? Bring it out and put it up on display! Find new ways to use your collection as decorative art or useful touches, like turning cake stands into plant pedestals.
  6. Up goes art! Now’s the time to frame and hang those favorite photos, your own pieces of art, or a unique find at a thrift store. You can also rearrange your artwork pairings to create a new feeling in each room.
  7. Rehab some furniture. Pull out any mis-matched furniture in the guest bedroom or basement and make it your own. Paint it, re-stain it, shabby-chic it, reupholster it.
  8. Add plants and light. Living greenery does wonders for a space and the spirit. On a shopping trip, pick up small potted herbs, succulents, or other greenery. You can speed up summer in your home with a few already-blooming plants. They can also help clean your air and calm your mood. Light can work similar miracles on comfort levels. Aim for three points of light in a room. Consider lighting candles during mealtimes—it immediately makes the moment feel special!
  9. Improve your sleep. Often the master bedroom is the last room to receive some TLC, usually because most guests never see it! But it’s where you go to receive those very important hours of sleep every night. Refresh the space and yourself with high quality sheets, decluttered surfaces, soft lighting, comfortable pillows, and paint that lifts your mood when you open your eyes in the morning.
  10. See if a capsule wardrobe is for you. Maybe you’re ready to try a capsule wardrobe and minimize space usage in closets so you don’t cringe when you open the doors. Spend a day trying on all of your clothes (maybe put on some favorite dance music) and find out what you truly love. Anything that comes with a caveat of when you’ll wear it (i.e. when your weight changes, if you get different underwear, if you buy different shoes, as long as you don’t bend over in it, etc.) can be donated.